Planet X and the Discharing phenomenon of the Earth

Planet X and the Discharing phenomenon of the Earth

In December 2009, in the Preparatory Camp for 2012 sermons, Pastor Wind predicted that
when Planet X is near the Earth, it will affect the magnetic field of the Earth.

At the same time, when Planet X gets near the Sun and the Earth, there will be the radioactivity of static electricity.

Even the charged electric current will appear underground, in the deep sea and the lake. Therefore, it will generate a lot of static electricity underground and the temperature of the water will become higher. This makes the oxygen level in the sea decrease and there will be electric shock and discharging in the sea, leading to mass death of animals and fish.
When it comes to 2011, a lot of animals were found to have died extraordinarily. Even insects began having some abnormal behavior.

The situation is not alleviating…

On May 28, 800 tons of fish died in a fish farm near the Taal volcano, south of Philippines’s capital. The officials there expressed that there was died fish in the past but the amount was very little. It was the first time to have such a large amount of dead fish. Even the experts don’t know the exact cause. This situation is extraordinary.
Some experts estimated that it was because of the change of the temperature and the oxygen in the lake decreases so the fish died. It is estimated that the total loss was around 6 million dollars.

On June 4, more fish died in the Philippines. The total amount of dead fish was more than 1800 tons in 7 towns near Taal volcano. The fish industry there lost 1.36 hundred million peso. Many towns declared a state of catastrophe.
The police had started to set up observatory stations along the roads to avoid dead fish being sent to the market which harmed citizens’ health.
Up to June 4, 3 people were hospitalized because of the food poisoning after consuming the dead fish.

On May 21, in a river in Shun Cheng Qu, Fu Shun Shi, Liaoning, China, all the fish died and the river became smelly overnight.

On May 21, there was a large amount of dead fished in the lake in the Jack Darling Park of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. A large area of yellowed water appeared in the lakeside and it triggered citizen’s concerns. The Natural Resources Canada of Ontario said that the yellowed water was caused by the pollen. But citizens said that there had never been mass death of fish before.

On May 29, there were thousands of dead fish in Daughter’s River in JinZhou, Liaoning in China.

On June 4, up to 600 penguins died together in Uruguay. They were rushed to the Atlantic coast. Experts still couldn’t know their cause of death. One of the marine animal rescue organizations said, besides to dead penguins, they also found dead bodies of sea turtles, dolphins and albatrosses.

In addition, on March 30, a large number of worms were found in the dam of an artificial lake in Jingniulin, Haikou, China.

On April 14, tens of thousands of flies invaded homes in South Canterbury, England. Homeowners used sprays to drive them away in order to prevent the house being occupied by flies.

On April 27, a large number of sandworms appeared in Diaoshan Village, Dongshan City, Zhanjiang, Guangdong and the neighboring12-kilometer beach.

On May 13, a research done by Canada St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver showed that three vagrants who lived in the East of Vancouver had five "bed bugs" (commonly known as "cimicids") on their bodies. They all carried two potentially fatal drug-resistant bacteria. These super-bacteria bite on the skin, and then enter the body, causing fatal infection.

On May 20, Jinan, Yantai, Tyan and other places in Shandong Province found many ticks. Some people have even been bitten by ticks. After that they died due to organ failure.

On May 25, fever and thrombocytopenia syndrome occurred due to ticks bites in Henan Province. Since the end of March, 70 cases were reported, four patients died.

On May 30, when a train was moving in Inner Mongolia, China, a train was suddenly found to have inadequate power. After checking up, caterpillars were discovered on the 1-kilometer railway, making the train impossible to move forward and the train was forced to stop for 3 hours.

On 2 June, thousands of earthworms came out of the soil and were lying dead on the ground in Cincinnati, Ohio, near Great Lakes region.
More than 90 people said the same thing happened that an extensive amount of earthworms were dead on the sidewalk from Fairfield to Sardinia, and Louisville.
University of Kentucky entomologist Lee Townsend said during the mating season, earthworms climb out of the soil and could get stuck on surfaces like the sidewalk, so they were left to die.


In fact, are the experts’ explanations reasonable?

Are all these normal?

The unusual mass death of animals happened persistently. Were some important facts being suppressed?

On the other hand, when Planet X is approaching, the energy of the earth will increase and it triggers the eruption of the volcanoes all over the world.

On May 21, Grimsvoetn volcano exploded in the southeast part of Iceland, sending clouds of ashes and dusts high into the air up to 20km. The wind blew the volcano ashes to the northwest Greenland. The ashes plunged areas near the volcano in southeast Iceland into darkness.

The volcano eruption was Grimsvoetn’s largest in 100 years. The Keflavik airport was shut down and the whole nation’s airspace was closed for a few hours. Many flights in Europe were affected and nearly 1000 flights were cancelled.

On June 3, situated in 70 km southeast of Mexico capital, Popocatepetl volcano erupted suddenly, sending smoke and dusts high into the air up to 3 km. The ashes drifted to Pueble, a city in the east. Mexican authorities had put the area around the volcanoes on alert and residents were restricted to enter the area 12 km away from the volcano.

On June 4, the Puyehue volcano in southern Chile erupted, sending a huge plume of smoke and ash into the sky and prompting the shutdown of nearby domestic and international airports in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During the eruption, there were thunders and lightning flashing in the sky.

6 hours after the eruption, an average of 230 earthquakes per hour was recorded in Puyehue. 12 earthquakes with Richter magnitude scale 4 and 50 earthquakes with Richter magnitude scale 3 or above broke out.

Chile government hoisted a red alert , increasing the number residents to be evacuated from 700 to 3500

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  1. 前所未有的現象,但近年卻是頻頻出現~~


  2. 群死,,,,以前真係無听過.....

  3. 原來群死現象都係因一顆巨大的行星所引起!!

  4. Government never explain of this.... What a conspiracy I thought.

  5. 動物群死原來是和地球放電現象有關,但專家不會解釋原因給你知道^^

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