2013 年 3 月 5 日及 11 日,Webbot 作者 Clif High 多次以「即時數據情報報告」錄音分享:其資料顯示,在 2013 年 12 月,「時間」出現了轉變、皺褶和扭曲等現象。這現象與Webbot的預測及其應驗時間息息相關。

YouTube連結︰05-03-2013 Clif High分享Webbot錄音

2013 年 3 月 5 日錄音 Clif High 形容時空扭曲︰

  • Clif High說,很明顯,時間被人入侵或修改過。時間已被扭轉,或出現了漣漪或皺褶等等。
  • Clif High舉例,若要把一位在 2013 年的人扔到 1913 年的時空,就會導致 1913 年的時空,在辨別上會有差異。在時空上,2013 年的人類對比 1913 年的,密度更大。指,若把人從 2013 年放進 1913 年中,這一年便會因為需要適應這人的密度,令整個時空扭曲。

以下是 2013 年 3 月 5 Webbot錄音節錄:

  • In essence, we are sort of in the same situation noticing it all simultaneously or at least coming to awareness more or less at the same time.So there’re four individuals involved, myself and three others. We are all in this line of work and we all had a particular date and time.Particular date, let’s not say time because we are not really sure about that aspect of it. But on a particular date of this past month, we noticed let’s just call it a change.

  • So in essence, what we think has happened is that there has been a temporal intrusion. I guess that’s a good word. Well, maybe that’s presuming some stuff.So I don’t know if anything intruded in our time but because of circumstances within our work all four of us arrived independently without ever discussing it with any of the others at the conclusion. that time had been altered or ripple went through time or wrinkle or That’s why I’m using lots of different words here because there's a level of ambiguity involved.

  • There are levels of certainty involved as well. We know certain things occurred. We can actually demonstrate these things.Now, the further context here, the premise involved must go to the idea that because of the nature of our work we are paying closer attention to the nuances of the kairos and chronos of time than are most ordinary humans.

  • And because we were sensitive to it we were aware of these things occurring and that sort of, you know it’s condemning factor in the sense that our own sensitivity could be allowing us to misread part of the situation and put in or project our own interpretation on these events.We don’t want to, I don’t want to.Some of the other guys are quite certain here of what has occurred and I’m…I want to hold out through a lot of ambiguity at the moment because I am greatly uncertain as to what has occurred but I know something did.

  • So let’s describe the situation here, and there’s a number of different elements involved so let’s say that between the four of us, we have 20 items in our set and each and every one of these items within this collective set among the four of us all go to the support of the central idea that something occurred in time. Now, it could be that it was a situation of an intrusion in time as in the sense of, you know, a time traveler popped into our time from a distant future that, time traveler’s very much more complex of being than the nature of reality is at this point in our time and because that complexity came back to our time or appear in our time, time itself had to adapt in order to be able to support that being in this matrix, if you will.
那就形容一下情況吧,事件包括很多元素,譬如,我們四人的數據中共有20 個項目,每人的每個項目都說明一個中心思想:時間發生了一些變化。可能是時間上的侵擾,即在遙遠未來的時間旅行者闖入我們的時空,時間旅行者對於我們的時間點來說,是比現實來得複雜的,由於該複雜性重返到我們的時間出現,時間自己就要適應,好使那旅行者能夠存在於矩陣中。

由於時間扭曲及摺疊的現象,導致 Webbot 的預測在時間上有偏差。博客接下來會更深入解釋時間摺疊這新概念。

時間扭曲 ● 摺疊時空

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  1. 由於時間扭曲及摺疊的現象,導致 Webbot 的預測在時間上有偏差。